Four Healthy Hangover Recipes to Think About While You Order Pizza

Maybe you were out pounding shots all night at the club, or maybe you just shared a bottle of wine with your cat while watching Jane the Virgin, but it happened… you’re hungover. Hey, it happens to the best of us, and more frequently, the worst of us. Here are a few healthy recipes to help keep your mind off your exceptionally poor life choices – at least for 30 minutes or less.

Brown Rice and Broccoli

Don’t be afraid of the basics! Broccoli is full of vitamins B and C, which help to nourish your body and relieve headaches. Mixing hearty greens with brown rice will make you feel nourished and full. Not quite as full as the 2 family sized orders of garlic poppers you will undoubtedly shovel down your maw, but close.



Spinach and Cheese Omelette

Reviving your B complex vitamins after a night of drinking is important in order to bring your metabolism back up and fortify your immune system. Eggs are gentle on the stomach, full of protein, and a great base for healthy veggie options such as spinach. As you dial the number for Papa Cheesy’s, remember that the folic acid in high-fiber greens will make you feel less like a human trash fire, and promise yourself you’ll eat a salad at some point this week.


Tomato Soup 

After a rough night, a salty soup will help you retain water. Potassium and sodium from the tomatoes also helps to bring your electrolyte levels back to normal, or at least normal enough that you can make it to the front door without vomiting when the delivery boy comes by.


A Glass of Water and Plan B

The breakfast of champions. If your Postmates-ing it, maybe just ask them to stop at Wallgreens on the way over. This one’s kind of important actually.



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