Tickle Garfield, It’s Friday!

Every week, we the contributors of Superglooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. We’ll try and keep a good mix of free/paid/subscription stuff because unlike a tree, we aren’t made of money.

Ashley: She’s done it! Ariana Grande has blessed us with a bombshell addition to the Canon of Music Videos Where Female Pop Stars Are Just Straight Up Feelin’ Themselves. The video for her latest single “Dangerous Woman” just dropped. Also excellent is the a cappella version. Girl’s got pipes, man. And also she’s adorable.

Also I just got my copy of the recent issue of  Casting Couch which is an awesome music zine by friend of the blog, Miranda Fisher. I’m obviously pretty dumb about music, but I’m still enjoying the hell out of this issue. If you are a feminist or a music lover, definitely get a copy.



AnnieLately I have been obsessed with an album that is not new, but I recently came to love. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats released a (titular) debut album a few months ago that has some of the most beautiful, emotional, and passionate music I’ve ever heard, while somehow still remaining fun and exciting. If you’re into gritty, bluesy vocals with upbeat tunes, I can not recommend this enough.

Although I rarely follow tv shows, Crazy Ex Girlfriend really caught my attention and I can not get enough of it. It features SO many things I love– frank talks about mental illness, a diverse cast, openly bisexual characters, musical numbers that range from broadway to faux rap! It is truly delightful, and Rachel Bloom really makes a wonderful show runner.

Finally, I am a self confessed lip balm addict (I have 5 in my purse and 3 more in my wallet) so I stan for Burt’s Bees. Lately they have been starting an initiative to raise money and help with declining bee populations in the U.S. YES lip care and environmental stability are literally my 2 favorite things in the entire world. I personally recommend Pink Grapefruit Balm, or Menthol and Eucalyptis Balm if you’re a dry motherfucker like me.


Lately I have been feeling like a lady on the go all the time, so anything that I can prepare in advance for dinner is a godsend. One of my go to moves is to prepare this chicken  recipe at the beginning of the week and sub out the sides as I eat it throughout the week. Seriously, it will save your life (full disclaimer: please don’t seek salvation in the form of this chicken recipe).

This week someone I love very dearly experienced some hurt feelings on behalf of some very rude strangers, so I present my second recommendation, not being rude, and this wonderful YACHT song to go along with it, here.

I also would like to recommend Uniqlo’s legging pants. They are so tricky and I really love deceiving people with my fashion choices. They are stretchy, comfy pants. Eat the entire chicken I recommended and then put on these pants and no one will be the wiser.

giphy (4)


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