3 Ways to Change Yourself into Someone You Like

Occasionally, I find myself staring into a pool of water, gazing at my reflection Narcissus style, but instead of falling in love I just feel an overwhelming feeling of disdain and insecurity. We’ve all been there, trapped by Nemesis, the God of revenge, unable to look away from our own reflection and unable to realize that obsessing over our flaws is just as bad as obsessing over our own reflections. But, I’m here, with the help of pop culture, to assist you in finding true inner happiness. 3 ways to change yourself into someone you like:

1. Get you some “cool juice” or some “boss sauce” and a transformation chamber and become Stefan Urquelle. Maybe you’re whole life you’ve felt like a minor character in a sitcom that later became the series star and that’s not enough for you. Your signature catchphrases and superb grasp of normcore style just doesn’t seem cool enough, so find yourself a transformation chamber and watch out world because here comes a new slow talkin’ charmer whose never going to nervously ask, “did I do that?”

2. Get a former Family Matters guest star to make a bet about changing you, put on a red dress and a sixpence none the richer song. There’s no better way to know your self worth than by basing it off the judgement of a man who would later star in a live action a scooby doo movie. Get rid of your glasses already, nerd!

3. Do a good old fashioned body swap! You could do this the Freaky Friday way, saying “I wish I could be her for one whole day” or getting on the wrong side of the mother of a Chinese restaurant owner or Katherine Heigl style and wish upon a star. What’s a better way to find inner happiness than by just simply being someone else? “You’re it you’re the ultimate you (as someone else)”


When it comes down to it, you only live have a few options for finding inner happiness, one of these very plausible transformation scenarios or simply by realizing that you have to live with yourself so you might as well try to be your best self. The next time you find yourself cursed by a Greek God in the middle of a forest I ask you to just take a moment and give yourself a break.

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