Feeling like sadness? Relive your failures of the 00s with Enya’s “Only Time”

Every once in awhile, when you are feeling truly down. It’s good to put on some sad music and let every anxiety you’ve ever felt, every awkward situation, every time you didn’t say or do the right thing wash over you. Let Enya take you through the pains and struggles of the decade known as the Aughts.

Remember in sixth grade when your teacher asked if anyone liked Star Trek and your hand shot up into the air like a fly to a flickering light bulb? You do now, this was the first moment you realized what it felt like to be truly uncool.

Shout out to all the denim jackets you had to tie around your waist in middle school because we didn’t have apps to track our periods.

Remember when you told your first boyfriend to “eat shit and die” after he broke up with you after two weeks to date your friend? That might have been a little dramatic.

When no one picked you to be in their “build a roller coaster” group in science class and your teacher made a group of girls take you in and they cried.

You’ve never failed so hard as the time you tried out for the school dance team. Remember the look on your face as you ran your finger down the list just to make sure your name wasn’t there?

The time you cautiously applied Bert’s Bees before your first kiss with the skinny emo guy. I’m sure he still thinks of you when he tastes Bert’s Bees.

When you tried to pull off a tie as a belt and also ribbons as belts.

The first time you drank and thought it was a good idea to drink multiple alcoholic lemonades and spend the night vomiting in the toilet instead of flirting with your crush.

Maybe these aren’t your painful experiences from the 00s, but imagine your own as you let Enya wash over you and forget all of these moderately traumatizing experiences. Forgive yourself for these experiences and continue on through the 10s and all the future socially awkward mistakes you can really lean into.

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