Amateur TV Critic: Daredevil Season 2

I am unqualified to critique television. I will watch almost anything, and I will have all manner of bad opinions about it. Today in Amateur TV Critic: Daredevil, Season 2.

Spoilers abound.


Over the past couple days, I watched Season 2 of the Netflix/Marvel series, Daredevil. Lucky for you, I have typed up an unnecessarily long account of my weird and probably straight up wrong feelings about it. Let’s go!

First off, I know everyone is creaming themselves over Punisher, but to be honest, I don’t find him that interesting or compelling. I’m just not invested in he and Matt Murdock debating whether or not killing bad people is okay. This is old, tired superhero material. Next.

Punisher Side Note: Not a huge Bernthal fan. Sue me, I literally don’t care. But damn if he does not have a commanding and intense presence as this character. And that monologue in the cemetery when he lets Daredevil in on his tragic personal history was undeniably excellent.

Another Side Note: I wish I enjoyed violence/action more. I know Daredevil does some of the best fight sequences out there, but even the best fight sequence of all time is not going to do much for me. So just as a heads up, that’s a huge chunk of the show’s general appeal/acclaim entirely lost on me.

Let’s talk about Karen. I feel bad because there are a lot of great things about Karen. She has more emotional intelligence than anyone else on this show. She is brave and tenacious. She is dedicated to finding the truth and doing good. But she’s just… so boring to me in these early episodes. Karen and Matt both amaze me because for all their tortured angst and their constant need to throw themselves into maximum danger, they both manage to be incredibly dull characters. This is why they are perfect together despite their short-lived relationship barely being set up by the show at all. Anyway, I’m still kind of into it. They’re cute. And nothing is ever cute on Daredevil. I wish they had boned.

Up until the last moment of Episode 4, I was mostly uninvested in the show. Then along came my girl Elektra Natchios. (It is straight up disrespectful that Spellcheck wants to change that to “Elektra Nachos” but also absolutely I would eat this nerd-themed party dish.) You may remember Elektra as the most egregious case of miscasting in film history up until Emma Stone played an Asian person. 


Sorry, Jen.

But no longer! A new Elektra has risen from Jennifer Garner’s ashes like a glorious phoenix! Elodie Yung is the cocksure, unhinged, charismatic yet still vulnerable Elektra we always deserved, no matter what the other, more qualified TV critics are telling you. A strong female presence will always grab my attention, so as of Episode 5, I’m back in, baby.


Oh, HELL yes.

Matt drags Elektra down. I get that this is the Daredevil show so Daredevil needs to be a part of the action, but mostly I just want to watch Elektra hunt down the Yakuza/the Hand/whoever the bad guys are and kick their asses herself without Matt whining and/or insulting her every thirty seconds. Yeah, I know I just said I don’t enjoy watching fight scenes, but Elektra makes ass-kicking look so elegant and beautiful. I’ll make an exception for her.

Completely Irrelevant Side Note: Is it just me or does Matt’s leather couch make an obscene amount of noise for being on TV? Like… What on earth possessed the sound editors to leave all that squeaking in?

Whereas I did not find Frank Castle a.k.a. Punisher’s vigilante rampaging in the first episodes very compelling, I enjoyed the ensuing legal battle a bit more. I guess what I’m realizing that Punisher, the Vigilante hardly matters to me, but Frank Castle, the Man I am moderately intrigued by. I do not understand him or anything he does, but I want to.

Matt needs to either quit being a lawyer or get his shit together. Foggy is right to be perpetually infuriated with him. Do your damn job, Matt. Matt. Maaaaatt. Matt. You are the most unsympathetic character on your own show. Stop telling Karen she’s your girlfriend and then feeling up Elektra at night, you absolute asshat. Seriously this dude is ALL ABOUT Karen and rude as hell to Elektra until Karen starts getting sick of his bullshit. Then he immediately changes his tune and starts putting the moves on Elektra. Only to dump her almost immediately for being too badass. Only to decide he loves her again later. Matt………. Absolutely fuck you, Matt.

In the world of Big Returns, Matt’s old mentor dude, Stick, and Wilson Fisk (of course) both return in the later episodes of the season. Stick is an excellent character, and I was glad to see him. Dude is basically a god, and I wish he would hang out on the show more. I like the idea of him and Elektra working together, and I’m furious she left him to get dragged further down by Matt and then promptly flung aside. Elektra you are better than this. Go back to Stick.

Fisk I can take or leave for the most part, but pairing him up with Castle made both characters infinitely more fascinating. I lost my shit at the reveal that Fisk had been behind Castle willfully making his trial into a fiasco. Also is Fisk being Kingpin now? Cause I might be more on board if so. I have to say, though, the Punisher Prison Massacre (Sponsored by Fisk) was not my idea of a good time.

Investigative Reporter Karen is a much better Karen than Matt’s Girlfriend and Secretary Karen. This is a Karen I can get behind. Go get it, girl.

I am increasingly incapable of following what is going on with Daredevil/the Yakuza/the Hand/there are ZOMBIES NOW??? I had to give up somewhere around Episode 10. I’m sorry. I tried to pay attention and understand. I just didn’t try very hard. 

All I know is that if Elektra stays dead I will flip my shit. I love her. I need her. But also she needs to stay away from Matt and do her own thing. He is just dead weight, and she needs to fly free. Anyway I have a feeling the Hand will successfully bring her back in Season 3, but she’ll come back “wrong” like Buffy did in Season 6, and it will be all angsty and probably terrible.

Punisher is peacing out I guess now that he busted out of the clink? Who knows? Have fun, dude.

In the end, I feel like this season was a lot of set up that ultimately culminated in… nothing much. I hope Foggy pops up in next season of Jessica Jones now that he’s working for the lawyer lady in that show. Foggy didn’t get to do anything this season but be mad which is a shame cause I like him. Also I am excited for Claire to move over to Luke Cage. She is very good and deserves more, better material. Yeah… at the end of this show, most of my feelings are about other shows.

Have any strong feelings about the things I got wrong? Fight me in the comments. I’m not afraid.

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