What to do When You’re Feeling Invisible


We all have those days. The world is a little gray, things just aren’t going well, it really feels like you are invisible to everyone around you. When I’m having a day like this, there are a few things I do to make myself feel better.

1 . Really embrace the feeling, put on a hat, any hat will work but if you’re feeling classic I’d go top or bowler. Throw on some glasses. Make everyone wonder what the floating bowler hat and glasses are doing bobbing around in the middle of Trader Joes. Steal the best avocados out of people’s carts.

2. Walk through walls. Don’t be a pervo, but take this time to really up your stealth and dexterity. Teachers lounge? You’ve earned it. VIP part of the club? This is your moment, bottle service for all. You’re basically the Robin Hood of the club scene now.

3. Quietly play Clay Aikens song “Invisible” out of your portable Bluetooth speaker as you dance silently around a crowded room. They can’t take this away from you. Sure this song is really creepy and a very outdated reference, just live in it.


Remember, whatever you decide to do. This is just a moment, a feeling. Wikipedia tells me we haven’t actually figured out an invisibility cloak yet so the chances that you accidentally grabbed Harry’s this morning are low. The clouds will clear, the fog will pass, and you’ll miss your chance to Grand Jeté unnoticed through a crowd of people accompanied by Clay Aiken.

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