True Love, in my experience.

I can’t keep my eyes off of you,
your lightly browned slices,
your slightly oozing cheddar.
Today, I added little bits of bacon,
and a side of avocado.
Don’t tell me I could do better.

On cold and rainy days,
it’s just you and me and tomato soup.
In the middle of summer,
a gold glass of lemonade,
strappy sandals, getting crumbs on the stoop.

I’ve learned a lot about love,
lost and unrequited.
But throughout it all,
it’s been you and me, I’m delighted.

You’ve been at my side through a lot,
the last slice of provolone,
other lovers, despair,
the fear that I’ll always be alone,
that time someone told me I had cheese in my hair.
Oh shit, the moments over, I just couldn’t wait.
You’re gone, and I miss you, and all I have is this empty plate.



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