Five Rockin’ Retro Grandpa Sweaters Coming Soon to a Goodwill Near You

There’s nothing as cool, cozy and cost-effective as a quirky Grandpa Sweater from your local Goodwill! Your wardrobe is already full of them, but here are five more you’re going to want to make room in your closet for.


Carl is on his third stroke. Or is it his fourth? Either way, Carl doesn’t have much longer, and when he passes, you can bet his two trendy sons who work in finance will find no use for this comfy and charmingly dorky sweater. Keep an eye out at your local Goodwill for this excellent piece to show up sometime this summer!


Elijah’s cancer got the better of him last night. Rest in peace, Elijah! His widow Beth used to force him into this sweater every Christmas even though he grumbled the whole time. Beth is too pained by memories to keep this sweater around, so make sure you snag it as soon as it makes its way to the rack at Goodwill this week. You’re totally going to rock Anna’s 2016 Ugly Sweater Christmas party!


Theodore is undergoing a very risky surgery next month, and chances are pretty high that he won’t survive. You don’t want to miss this sweater that his life partner Matthew deemed “tacky”, so I’d recommend doing a quick loop through Goodwill every day after work until it surfaces.


When Bill goes to prison for serial sexual abuse (fingers crossed!), he won’t be allowed to wear this awesome sweater anymore. If you can get over the heinous acts possibly committed inside this one-of-a-kind garment, then be sure to grab it from Goodwill before someone else does!


A sweater with a zipper? Amazing! We can’t wait for this rando to kick it so we can swoop in on this marvel. Good luck beating us to Goodwill!

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