I Think I’m the Sidekick in Every RomCom ever

It happened again yesterday, my close, pretty, funny, smart, seemingly perfect friend was talking to me about her dating life, and I started responding with commonly known adages. “I just don’t know if the timing is right.” She said as we casually shopped for sweaters at the local mall. “I think that’s when love finds you, when you least expect it!” I ventured, as I picked out a quirky looking sweater with sequins and green fluff balls that would clearly be sold in this high end store. She nodded in agreement, and now they’re engaged!
I keep finding myself hanging out with my friends in cool situations, like playing tennis or getting a much needed mani-pedi and glass of Chardonnay, where we always have a lot of time to talk about her feelings. Never once are we just eating pizza in our sweatpants. I make sure to always offer a clever pun or accidentally fall over the side of the boat we are deep sea fishing on, woman overboard! Sometimes I hang out with the dorky friend of the person my friend is dating. We seem to always share the same nerdy hobby, nerds need love too!
My boss keeps getting on to me for leaving work in the middle of the day to deal with whatever problem my bestie and her new man have run into. But as soon as I rush back with a latte, we are all good again! What a hilarious little scamp I am, but not too hilarious as to overshadow my bestie! Oops, just got a text from Cameron Diaz, gotta go! Maybe, someday I’ll land a 27 dresses style romcom of my own.


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