Modern Day Carrie: What Came First, the Chicken or the Neg?

What if Carrie Bradshaw had to deal with this millenial bs…


One night, last fall, I met some of my friends out at one of those bars with lots of arcade games and giant Jenga. The bar itself was pretty chill, and the clientele had the kind of tattoos you’d find on the inside of a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s. As I went to the bar to get a cosmopolitan , a guy stopped me in my path.

“I really like your glasses.”
“Oh, thank you.”
“I mean, it’s just like so brave of you to wear them out in public.”

My brow undoubtedly furrowed. What was happening here? Why was this guy giving me a compliment while also using it to insult me. Oh. Like so many women before me, I’d been negged.

“Thank you, I have an eye infection.”

The speed at which he removed himself from the situation was Usain Bolt levels of getaway. As I stood alone in my Manolos, I couldn’t help but wonder, was this dude so incapable of approaching me without some kind of built in defense mechanism of a casual insult? Was he scared or was he just rude? Maybe he just doesn’t fully understand what glasses are because he is a secret time traveler from the early 1100s that had landed at this hipster bar, completely unaware of the modern convention of glasses. Whatever the situation, he left me confused, slightly insulted, and painfully aware that in terms of dudes, the chicken always comes before the neg.


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