What Your Fast Food Choices Say About Your Love Life

Sadly, this is not a sponsored post.

Chick-fil-a: First, you’re willing to reconsider your choices when you encounter public backlash. But instead of making you look reasonable, it really just makes people wonder if you are too stuck in your past. You’re a southern belle at heart, who insists on sweet tea and an even sweeter romantic partner. However, you’re always quick to return the affection and when someone really shows their love for you, you’re quick to respond with “my pleasure.”

Wendy’s: Truth be told, you’re a bit of a square, but you never let it get in the way. Some may perceive you as a cold partner but really you’re just a little bit frosty. It seems like with you there’s always some kind of beef, but you always work it out. Your romances are more likely to bloom in the winter when you can cuddle up with a warm bowl of chili.

In-N-Out Burger: You’ve got that laid back Cali vibe. You like to keep things simple, no complicated relationships for you. You’re either a single or double-double, and you keep it pretty exclusive. But don’t worry! You still have an adventurous side; you’re always on the go, and you like the option of taking care of business in the car.

Sonic:  You’re not afraid to get a little messy, unlike In-N-Out you don’t need a lap mat. You believe variety is the spice of life and you try to add in extra flavor wherever you can. You like to keep it fast and casual. You may be even sweeter after dark, but honestly your romantic life peaked in high school when you were at almost every party.

Burger King:  You always feel second best in your relationships, like you’ll never truly be number one to anyone. Romantic partners tend to find you a little too accommodating, as you end every fight with “Fine! Have it your way!” You’ve had some slight missteps  along the way that led to some questionable bowel movements, but overall you’re doing just fine.

McDonalds:  You really know what it’s like to be number one, and you like it that way. It’s okay to always be on top. Dating seems to always work out for you, you always swipe right and it’s always a match. You even look good hungover after a rough night. You’re the best and you know it and you’re never afraid to let everyone know the exact number of people you’ve served.


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