Try Garlic, It’s Funday

Every week, we the contributors of Superglooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. We’ll try and keep a good mix of free/paid/subscription stuff because unlike a tree, we aren’t made of money.


This week Spotify really brought it with some female-centric mixes, so I have been feeling that grove all week with their Women of Fresh Finds playlist. As I continue my unabashed love affair with all things Hamilton, I have to point you to this smart and funny interview that creator Lin-Manuel Miranda gave to Buzzfeed’s Another Round podcast. He offers some fresh takes on Hamilton and it’s relationship to Kanye West to the always hilarious Heben and Tracy. Lastly, I just finished reading Rat Queens Volume 2 which I enjoyed greatly. The relationships and the backstories of the characters felt very evolved as we get more and more into the story.



  • Piggybacking off DLou’s Lin-Manuel Miranda interview rec, here is an interview with him about his dogs.  All of the “Can I Pet Your Dog” podcast episodes are delightful, especially if you are obsessed with dogs which I assume you are or else you’d be a monster.
  • This week I get to see overlooked genius Lucinda Williams perform in Philly.  Here is her Tiny Desk Concert for a taste of the experience
  • Speaking of Tiny Desk Concerts, the winner of their contest is most definitely worth checking out. The winning entry is unique, moving, and hard to forget.


  • The boys over at the The Worst Idea of All Time podcast have finally finished watching Sex and the City 2 every week for a full year. Season Two of the podcast was a hilarious emotional rollercoaster of devolving insanity. Please honor these men’s brave and utterly unnecessary sacrifice by listening to their funny, ridiculous show.
  • Two of my favorite dudes made a funny short film that’s less than 2 minutes long so really you have no excuse NOT to watch it! Please do so immediately.
  • Finally, P.O.S, Minneapolis rapper and founding father of the Doomtree collective, just released a video for what I believe is his first solo work since his kidney transplant, “sleepdrone/superposition”. It’s a great song (featuring tons of awesome artists including Kathleen Hanna and Astronautalis) with emotionally raw lyrics and a banger of a beat, and the video is equally exceptional. Seriously, don’t miss this experience.

giphy (1)


One of the most interesting books I’ve read in quite a while is The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. The story behind the publishing of the book is quite tragic, with the death of the author being the catalyst. The book opens with an essay read by Marina on the day of her college graduation, just five days before her death. The rest of the short stories in the book are equally emotionally captivating, with a style that perfectly captures the mindset of a young twenty-something, albeit an extremely witty and thoughtful one.  I can not recommend this book enough.



I’ve really been enjoying FX’s new TV series, Baskets. I’m writing this a few hours before the eighth episode airs, and based on the episodes so far, I am confident that this one will also be comprised of funny, original content.  Rotten Tomatoes currently rates it at only 69%, which I assume must just be one of those funny, sexy jokes, because I’m surprised it’s not at least 420%.  Some of the best jokes in this show are subtle; so kids, put away your Giga Pets and Tamagotchis and give this wonderful show your full attention! Ugh, Millennials smdh.



2 thoughts on “Try Garlic, It’s Funday

  1. The opposite of loneliness has been sitting in my shopping cart on Audible books for months, guess I’ll finally have a good rec. to read it. Thanks for the push. Also loved the tiny desk contest winner she is so genial but with a unique beautiful voice.

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