Don’t Give Mom the Wrong Idea

We’ve all been there. You’re a friendly person; you’re outgoing, caring, and fun. You never withhold laughter, compliments, or friendly smiles.  These are great qualities, but they sometimes give people the wrong impression.
“But I thought you were into me,” or “why did you mislead me?” or “you are a fucking cunt,” they may say. So how can you avoid being perceived as a tease or a flirtatious slut?  I’ll teach you exactly how!

Because no one wants her mom to think she likes likes them, as an example, below are the do’s and don’ts of texting with your mom.

Do you have any other good tips regarding this matter? Please comment below

4 thoughts on “Don’t Give Mom the Wrong Idea

  1. This is way too funny!!! But for some reason, my mom still isn’t taking the hint…. When I call her names, I’m just trying to convey that I’m not looking for a sexual relationship with her at this time.

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